Blockbase2020 Momentum is building.


Through the entrepreneurial path, we experiment to hone our intuition in finding more meaningful prospects in business, while testing our resilience and trust to surrender to the mystery of the unknown.

DAVOS2020 Prep-Meeting

As an extended program during Web Summit Week, Yanling Duan, the founder of DavosBlockbase will join of House of Beautiful Business as resident keynote speaker revealing Blockbase’s vision of ART OF TRANSFORMATION, Blockbase Lisbon curates a process of deep-diving leadership transformation process for Davos2020 WEF Week planning.  By co-creating a resonant field experience with inner and outer work, we invite BlockBase fellows to awaken each others true calling to the purposeful work and full potential to perform and transform in one of the most significant happenings in 2020.

SDG Convergence Davos2020: YINvest for Planetary Upgrade 

Where historically, finance has embodied the YANG aspect — direct action, feedback, and measurable results — there is a wisdom in YIN that brings balance: patience, cultivation, intuitive intelligence, a consideration for interconnected impact. How do we integrate both and co-create harmonious impact and prosperity? SDG Convergence Davos2020 sets the stage for inspiring planetary initiatives to connect with purposeful financial resources, guided by the Tao of holistic finance.