Planetary SuperNode Davos2020 Guide

To the Planetary Supernodes:


Above all & first of all: on behalf of the BlockBase team, please accept our sincere gratitude for you, TRUSTING the process enough to YINvest your time and resources to be here.

During the past years we have been witnessing the birth of a vast new integral worldview that unites and cross-fertilizes east and west, modern and indigenous, contemporary and ancient; all leading us towards a deep collective realization of the seamless united existence.

BlockBase’s vision is to systematically foster planetary consciousness and design a global leadership network platform of competence centers for transition knowledge & learning experiences, nurturing chaos-piloting skills for world leaders and change agents to activate their concrete projects of global impact.

Serving as synarchic forces around the world as magnetic  bridges and polarity links working for planetary consciousness, BlockBase recognize distinguished individuals building bridges across cultures and between business, government and civil society as SuperNode, our family members. 

This is an invitation to discover + explore our unique roles to play in the grander design of humanity’s network and our planet. It takes center stage during the Davos2020 World Economic Forum Week every year as a launching pad for supernodes’ global projects and initiatives validated by the community.

“Like air (CHI in Chinese), trust is invisible when abundant, it is often taken for granted”, but as SuperNodes, we take for granted that trust is THE one thing, that bonds us, which changes everything in the experience of CONNECTIVITY / EXPANSION / GROWTH. How is it achieved? through gentleness, tenderness and attentive manner; those qualities build TRUST; and TRUST generates POWER.

Let’s ride year 2020 with the Power of Convergence.


Yanling & the BlockBase Stewards Team

For those of you who are about to take your first Davos BlockBase journey, we have compiled a list of suggestions and frequently asked questions for what to look forward to during Davos2020.


What happens in Davos during WEF Week?

Besides the main WEF conference, the entire town of Davos also hosts a week of vibrant global business and social events that serve as a world leaders’ melting pot where public figures meet social entrepreneurs and investors talk with technology pioneers in the spirit of Davos: INTERDISCIPLINARY, INFORMAL AND DIRECT INTERACTION AMONG PEERS.

Accommodation recommendation?

If you are lucky you have booked BlockBase as your home, a short 15m drive from the center. We share this camp house with fellows for the precious time. If you decided to look for accommodation yourself and find it challenging, please reach out to our steward team for help.

What to expect at BlockBase and when should I arrive?

Imagine a space where Zendo meets playground & meeting room meets teahouse to cater to most of the needs of your WEF personal and social experiences.

We highly recommend you to take some quality downtime at Blockbase, where sound, scent and even silence promise to nurture and enhance your serendipity experiences. If you could, we suggest you follow the flow of the entire program designed for full action- research collaborative lab, aka. heARTech lab- deep-dive, and a progressive inner- SDG transformation process. 

If your time is limited due to other WEF engagements, we invite you to arrive at least one hour earlier than your scheduled time, to be prepared.

What if my friends would like to join BB flow during the WEF week?

We have supported more than 50 elders, healers and coaches around the world to be in Blockbase as a supporting force during this week for SuperNodes exercising inner SDG fellowship program and action-research in heARTECH lab. To show respect for the mindful space and attentive time, we request that you extend your invitation mindfully and with care with others who align with our mission.

Please advise them to register and we will be happy to welcome them as visiting guest, experiencing the program as +1.

Is BB open at night and what is the experience like?

The BlockBasenight program is one of the highlights in Davos during WEF week. Piano bar, immersive sound and art experiences, workshops & healing sessions will last till midnight, which is open to Supernodes and Associated Partners invited guests. 

What happens after WEF?

Through participating in Davos2020 as SuperNode and going through the Inner SDG fellowship program, you will be invited into the CHI network as BlockBase Fellow and supported with abundant intellectual, social, wisdom and financial resources provided by the community. More to be experienced and revealed.