Who are these people in Davos during DAVOS WEEK?

Besides the main conference, entire Davos also hosts a week of vibrant global business and social events that serves as a world leader’s melting pot where public figures meets Social entrepreneurs and investors talks with technology pioneers in the spirit of Davos: INTERDISCIPLINARY, INFORMAL AND DIRECT INTERACTION AMONG PEERS. BB team suggest DAVOSX app for your general guides and of course there are no better suggestions than WOM and we will share more when we are all here.

Who are the audience and what is expected from me on the stage?

All information of the world is available and can retrieved at any one point digitally, the audience are most likely have easy digital access to your work, we are strongly encourage your to take the opportunity to demonstrate your heart- centered generosity and willingness of Sharing as a way of being. by being the part of the content-creator, you have help to design this  program that’s inspired by a Chinese “balance of 5 elements”: 

/Tao of Finance

Blockchain Technology & New Value Creation 

/ Future of Extended Consciousness AR/VR

The Digital Intelligence & Human Consciousness

/ Global SuperNode Culture

Global Ecosystem Identity in the Inter-Connected Realms

/The Regenerative Trust Economy

Symbiosis Living & Smart Citizens

/Artech of Healing

Personal & organizational transformation & the intelligence of heart & mind

What to expect in BlockBase Davos and when should I be there?

We strive to create an effortless event, walking away from strict linear programming and allowing more space and time for meaningful connection beyond “ideas worth sharing”. As an active co-creator of the program, you know we have a full-on agenda in multiple spaces inside BlockBase, ( and by now you should have found you time expected and topics you are about to discuss with fellow supernode friends-to-be. We invite you to arrive 15m earlier than your scheduled time, yet if possible, allow yourself more time before and after your stage, to engage in this global community of ecosystem planners, network architects, cultural movers and community builders during these 3days:

01.24.DAVOS CHINADAY: Global Mission, China Perspective

01.25. TechforTao Blocksummit: flow session where meaningful projects in the digital space meets conscious investment, where people, projects and purpose align. 

01.26. heART of Healing Leadership program: global leaders of consciousness movements and practitioners of holistic health & education joining forces with the larger Davos community to co-create the field-effect of collective synergy.

What if my friends would like to join BB flow during Davos Week?

Once you are invited to be sharing your light on the BlockBase stage, you have been given the golden password TRUST to follow the ever-evolving BlockBase protocol:

  • Expect accountability
  • Trust the field
  • Respect meaningful connection
  • Enhance inner- space
  • Empower others
  • Make mission inclusive
  • Sharing as a way of being

Therefore you are also given the golden password TRUST to introduce the ever-evolving BB protocol — to reach a ripple effect of connecting on the same depth with your trusted community. if you feel their state of consciousness will contribute to the playground of co-creation in the similar spirit, please advise them to register and we will be happy to welcome them join the community.

Is BB open at night? What is the experience like?

Imagine a space where Zendo meets playground & meeting room meets T-lounge to cater to most of the needs of your personal and social experiences.

We highly recommend you take some quality downtime in BlockBase where sound, scent and even silence promise to nurture and enhance your serendipity experiences.

What happens after Davos Week?

By participating in Davos 2019 BlockBase program, you are warmly invited to be a founding member of BlockBase and Planetary SuperNodes Fellowship, a lifelong participatory role as founding members of a global network of dynamic change agents carrying forward conscious entrepreneurship. we will continuously further the depth of the connection and more gatherings will happen around the world supported by our fellows. 

What impact is expected from this action in Davos?

“One generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests.”

— From Ancient Chinese Sayings.

For the impatient ones expecting immediate impact, the BlockBase Davos trailer on the website might still inspire.